Valtrex Side Effects

Valtrex Side Effects

Valtrex is a prescription medication that you can easily get from your Doctor if you have the specific symptoms that will help. Once your doctor gives you the prescription you then bring it to your favorite pharmacy and your pharmacist will fill the prescription for you so you can begin taking this medication whenever you are ready. The generic name for this drug is valacyclovir and the brand name for this drug is what we have already stated and that is a Valtrex.

What Is Valtrex?

Valtrex is a very effective drug and it is an antiviral drug. It is effective at slowing down the growth of the herpes virus and it will stop it from spreading which will allow your body to fight off this infection. The one thing I need to make clear to you is that this is not a herpes cure, but it is a great way to lessen the symptoms that you will experience as you are going through a herpes outbreak.

This drug is very effective at treating the infection that you’ll experience from catching the herpes virus and it will work for both adults and children. It will also help minimize the illnesses you might experience such as genital herpes, chickenpox, shingles and cold sores. This medication is used to treat children suffering from chickenpox that are at least two years old or older, and it’s good for treating children with cold sores from the age of 12 or older.

What You Need To Know About Valtrex

It’s very important that you let your Doctor know whether or not you are struggling with HIV/AIDS, kidney disease, if you are on kidney dialysis, or if you’re struggling with a weak immune system prior to ever taking Valtrex medication. You also want to let your Doctor know if you’ve ever had any kind of a bone marrow transplant or a kidney transplant because this is important information that your Doctor must have prior to any prescription being filled.

The one thing that’s important to know is that Valtrex could actually be very harmful for your kidneys in certain cases, and it’s usually even amplified further if it’s combined with other medications that are also damaging to the kidneys. That’s why you’ll need to let your Doctor know about this and also have special tests done and your medications may need to even be adjusted so you don’t unintentionally harm yourself further while trying to help yourself.

Avoid Valtrex When Suffering From These Conditions

It’s important that you do not take Valtrex if you are suffering from certain physical conditions. So please consult your Doctor if you are currently experiencing any of the conditions I’m about to share with you. Some of those conditions are:

• you should not take Valtrex if you know that you are allergic to valacyclovir or acyclovir
• you are not supposed to take this medication if you are struggling with HIV/AIDS
• it’s not a good idea to take this medicine if you are battling a weak immune system
• you should not take Valtrex if you have previously had a bone marrow transplant
• you should not take this medication if you have previously had a kidney transplant

The Most Common Side Effects Of Valtrex

There are also some potential side effects that you might experience when taking Valtrex. Some of those side effects are difficulty breathing, bruising easily, bleeding easily, fever, red spots on your skin, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, yellowed skin, fainting, weakness, urinating less than you normally do, pain in your lower back, mood changes, nausea, drowsiness, increased thirst, loss of appetite, stomach pain, feeling tired, depression, joint pain, menstrual pain, sore throat and mild skin rash.

You definitely want to make it a point to share as much information as you can about the side effects you might be experiencing while taking Valtrex. Your doctor may need to adjust the dosage of your medication, or your doctor may decide that the side effects are just too severe for you so that you need to come off of this medication right away. But the only way you will know this is if you speak to your Doctor, so please do so and take your health very seriously because it’s the most important thing you have.

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