Valium Side Effects

Valium Side Effects

Valium is a drug that you can get prescribed to you from your Doctor. The generic name of this drug is called diazepam and Valium is the only brand name of this form of medication.

What Specifically Is Valium?

Valium, also known as diazepam, is part of a family of drugs known as benzodiazepines. This is a very popular drug for people suffering from an anxiety condition. So if you have a chemical imbalance in your brain which causes you to suffer from anxiety than your Doctor may prescribe you Valium or diazepam to help deal with the anxiety issues that are overwhelming you.

Valium also has another very specific use and that is that it’s given to people who are suffering from alcohol withdrawal symptoms. So if you are an alcoholic and you would like to quit drinking this substance each and every day there’s a good chance that your Doctor or whatever individual is helping you in the detox center will prescribe you Valium to help deal with the withdrawal symptoms that you will most definitely experience. Well, you would have experienced them if you weren’t taking Valium. But the Valium will help curb those withdrawal symptoms so that you don’t have to feel as bad as you would if you quit cold turkey.

Another very uncommonly known use for Valium is that it’s used to help treat seizures. So if you are experiencing a seizure there is a good possibility that a Doctor or other medical professional will give you Valium to help stop the seizure from happening to you. So that is another use for a very common drug that many people definitely do not know about.

What You Need To Know About Valium

It’s important that you do not take Valium if you are allergic to diazepam or some of the other similar drugs like Klonopin and Xanax to give you a couple of examples. You also want to stay away from Valium if you are suffering from liver disease, glaucoma, sleep apnea or if you have any other kind of breathing problem. Valium is also not advised while you are pregnant because it could unintentionally harm your unborn child.

Another thing you need to know about Valium is that it is highly addictive so if you have an addictive personality then you should probably stay away from a drug like Valium. And you also want to take this drug the way your Doctor prescribes it or the way it is told to be taken on the label of the prescription. Do not over medicate yourself because you could overdose on Valium and it is a potentially fatal thing to do so avoid it no matter what.

Avoid Valium When Suffering From These Conditions

If you suffer from certain physical conditions then you will not want to take Valium because they don’t mix well together. So let your Doctor know if you suffer from any of the physical condition such as:

• difficulty breathing due to a severe breathing issue
• if you stop breathing during the night while you sleep because of sleep apnea
• myasthenia gravis which is a muscle weakness disorder
• a liver disease that is very severe
• a history of depression, suicidal behavior, suicidal thoughts and mental illness
• a history of alcohol addiction or drug addiction
• a history of seizure disorder or epilepsy
• a problem known as narrow angle glaucoma

The Most Common Side Effects Of Valium

There are also some very common side effects that you might experience when taking Valium. Some of those side effects are difficulty breathing, chills, irritability, persistent dizziness, drowsiness, tiredness, restlessness, aggressiveness, agitation, vision changes, tremors, slurred speech, lightheadedness, incoordination, muscle weakness and difficulty urinating.

Please let your Doctor know if you’ve experienced any of these problems while taking Valium. It’s important that you keep all of your symptoms in check so you definitely need the help of a medical professional.

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