Tricor Side Effects

Tricor Side Effects

Tricor is a prescription medication that you can get from your Doctor or other medical professional who is capable of giving prescriptions of this nature. Once you have the prescription you can then take it to your local pharmacist and have this individual fill the prescription for you so that the medicine is available to you when you need it. The generic name for this particular type of drug is fenofibrate, and the brand names for this drug are Antara, Fenoglide, Lipofen, Lofibra, Tricor and Triglide.

What Is Tricor?

Tricor is a very important medication because it is capable of reducing your fatty acids which are also known as triglycerides and your cholesterol inside of your bloodstream. This is great because having high amounts of these items inside of your blood is a known symptom of having clogged arteries which is also known as atherosclerosis. So it’s important that you realize that this medication is very good at helping individuals treat their high cholesterol and their high triglyceride levels which is very important to staying in good health. The way this works is that Tricor will lower the elevated levels of triglycerides in your blood by actually having your liver produce less triglycerides while also increasing the amount of triglycerides that it eliminates.

What You Need To Know About Tricor

The main thing you need to know about taking Tricor is that it is only one part of the overall solution to help lower your high cholesterol and high triglyceride levels. You are actually going to have to make some personal changes as well that will affect the way you live, but will ultimately make you feel much more healthier.

You’re going to have to make specific changes to your diet so that you could also lower your cholesterol and triglycerides. You’re going to have to begin exercising so that you can get yourself in shape because losing weight is always very important to lowering these levels in your blood. You’re also going to have to start working on weight control so that you are no longer overweight all the time and that your body will be in better health so that you don’t have to worry about struggling with either of these conditions anymore, and then you’ll even eventually be able to stop taking Tricor once you get your health back in check.

It’s also very important that you do not drink alcohol while you are taking Tricor. You will undo some of the great work you have been doing with alcohol because it is very much known that it raises your triglyceride levels. This combination of alcohol and Tricor can also really damage your liver so it’s important that you do not mix the two whatsoever.

Avoid Tricor When Suffering From These Conditions

There are certain physical conditions that you may be experiencing that will not actually mix well when taking Tricor. So you definitely need to speak to your Doctor about these particular issues. Some of these physical conditions are:

•you should not take Tricor if you are struggling with hepatitis or cirrhosis of the liver
•you shouldn’t take this medication if you are dealing with severe kidney disease
•it’s not a good idea to take this medication if you are struggling with liver disease
•you shouldn’t take Tricor if you are struggling with diabetes
•it’s not a good idea to take this medicine if you have gallbladder disease
•you might not want to take Tricor if you have an underactive thyroid gland or hypothyroidism

The Most Common Side Effects Of Tricor

There are also some very common side effects that you may or may not experience when taking Tricor. Some of those symptoms are unusual muscle pain, weakness, tenderness, difficulty breathing, hives, swelling of the lips, swelling of the throat, swelling of the face, swelling of the tongue, severe stomach pain, fever, vomiting, nausea, rash, bloating, joint pain and indigestion.

It’s very important that you speak with your Doctor about any possible side effects that you might be experiencing while taking Tricor. Your doctor may need to regulate your dosage so that the side effects do not affect you so much, or your Doctor may actually need to take you off of this prescription medication altogether if it just doesn’t agree with you.

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