Subutex Side Effects

Subutex Side Effects

Subutex is a prescription medication that you can receive permission from your Doctor to pick this medication up from your local pharmacist or local pharmacy. The generic form of this medication is called Buprenorphine and the only current brand-name of this product is called Subutex.

What Is Subutex?

Basically Subutex is a medication that falls in the opioid family. So this medication is very similar to morphine. But it is a much more mild version. This lets you use this medication as a way to actually come off of drugs if you are having a problem in this area. So if you suffer from some form of an opiate addiction then your Doctor or drug counselor may recommend that you take Subutex to help minimize the cravings and allow you to gradually become drug-free once again.

What You Need To Know About Subutex

The one thing you definitely need to know about Subutex is that if you abuse it you will potentially leave yourself at a tremendous risk of experiencing some serious side effects and there is even a strong possibility that you can die. So you definitely want to follow the instructions given to you for all of the dosing requirements. And definitely do what your Doctor tells you to do because this medication is capable of slowing down your breathing, and if your breathing becomes too weak then there is a definite potential for death.

You might be tempted to crush up this pill so you can mix it with a liquid form and then inject it directly into your vein. This is highly frowned upon and you seriously put yourself at risk of death once again by misusing Subutex in this fashion. It’s also recommended that you wear a medical alert tag or possibly even carry an ID card letting people know that you take Subutex just in case something happens to you and a medical professional would need to know this information during an emergency situation.

It’s also highly advised that you stay away from alcohol while you are taking this medication. The reason you need to stay away from alcohol is because it completely amplifies the side effects, and obviously the side effect is death so if you want to die a lot quicker than drink while taking Subutex.

Avoid Subutex When Suffering From These Conditions
There are definitely some specific physical ailments that do not mix well with Subutex, so you need to avoid this medication if you are experiencing any of the particular issues at hand. Some of those issues are:
• having an allergy toward naloxone or buprenorphine
• if you suffer from hepatitis B, hepatitis C or liver disease
• stay away from this medication if you have urination problems or an enlarged prostate
• avoid this medication if you are struggling with curative of the spine
• be careful if you have a thyroid disorder and let your Doctor know about it
• stay away from this medication if you are struggling with stomach problems
• avoid this medication if you have COPD, sleep apnea, asthma and any other breathing disorder
• stay away from this medication if you have kidney disease
• avoid this medication if you have an alcohol addiction or a history of drug problems
• stay away from this medication if you have a head tumor, head injury or a history of seizures
• be wary of this medication if you have experienced a psychotic episode, you have a mental illness or personality disorder
• avoid this medication if you are struggling with gallbladder disease

The Most Common Side Effects Of Subutex

There are also some common side effects to taking Subutex. Those side effects are dark urine, mood changes, weakness, drowsiness, constipation, dizziness, sleeplessness, diarrhea, vomiting, flushing, chills, stomach pain and sweating.

If you’re experiencing any of the issues talked about in this article then you should definitely seek a medical professional. Tell this individual all of your symptoms so they can help figure out what is specifically causing this issue.

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