Nyquil Side Effects

Nyquil Side Effects

NyQuil is an over the counter medication that you will be able to pick up at your local pharmacy or even grocery store or convenience store. The generic name for NyQuil is acetaminophen, dextromethorphan, doxylamine, and pseudoephedrine. There are quite a few different brand names for this particular drug combination, and those names are Alka-Seltzer Plus Night Time Cold Liquigel, All-Nite Multi-Symptom Cold/Flu Relief, Nyquil Cold Medicine, NyQuil D, Nyquil Liquicap and Robitussin Night Cold.

What Is Nyquil?

The acetaminophen that you find inside of NyQuil is a really good fever reducer and it’s also a pain reliever. The doxylamine is an anti-histamine which is important because it reduces the amount of histamine that you have inside of your body. Histamine is one of the major culprits in producing a runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing. The dextromethorphan inside of NyQuil will help suppress the coughing that you might experience when you are sick. And pseudoephedrine is very good because its shrinks blood vessels and it also helps as a decongestant so you’ll be able to relieve your stuffy nose.

What You Need To Know About Nyquil

It’s very important that you refrain from giving NyQuil or any other cold or cough medicine to a young child. Misusing this medication with a young child can actually cause death so you really must be careful. You cannot take NyQuil if you are taking any MAO inhibitors like Zelapar, Eldepryl, Emsam, Azilect, Nardil, Marplan, Parnate and Furoxone. You also need to let your Doctor know if you are suffering from liver disease due to alcoholism because he or she may not want you to take this medication.

Avoid Nyquil When Suffering From These Conditions

You may actually be experiencing some physical conditions that do not particularly go so well with NyQuil. If that’s the case then your Doctor may tell you to stay away from NyQuil and use an alternative cold remedy medication. So consult with your Doctor if you happen to have any of the following conditions or situations present in your life right now:

• be wary of NyQuil if you have alcoholic liver disease
• be careful if you have high blood pressure or heart disease
• ask your Doctor if it’s okay to take NyQuil when dealing with a thyroid disorder
• you should not take NyQuil if you have taken any of the MAO inhibitors mentioned in the article already
• it’s not a good idea to take NyQuil if you have an enlarged prostate
• be careful about taking NyQuil when you are suffering from glaucoma
• you might not want to take this medicine if you are dealing with problems while you urinate

The Most Common Side Effects Of Nyquil

There are also some very common side effects that you may or may not experience when taking NyQuil. So please keep a close eye out for such things as nervousness, restless feeling, hallucinations, unusual behavior or thoughts, shallow breathing, fever, flu symptoms, body aches, increased blood pressure, nausea, loss of appetite, clay colored stools, upset stomach, constipation, difficulty concentrating, insomnia, blurred vision, dry mouth, itching and ringing in your ears.

Make it a point to fill your Doctor in on any of the out of the ordinary symptoms you might be experiencing while taking NyQuil or any other cold or cough medicine. Your Doctor may recommend that you try something else or discontinue using this type of medication altogether. So let your Doctor know and have them make an informed decision on your behalf so they can tell you what you should do from now on.

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