MS Contin Side Effects

MS Contin Side Effects

MS Contin is a brand-name drug that can only be prescribed to you by your Doctor. This drug also goes by the generic name of morphine sulfate controlled release tablets. So if you are taking either of these drugs than you are taking the exact same thing.

What Is MS Contin?

MS Contin falls under the family of drugs that are known as the narcotic pain relievers. This is not the type of pain reliever medication that you would use to treat a common headache or a mild ache or pain. You would take MS Contin if you are suffering from a moderate to severe amount of pain. You’ll also take this drug in a situation where you need around the clock pain relief because they can give these tablets in a controlled way because the tablets only release the medicine in a very specific and timed manner.

What You Need To Know About MS Contin

There are definitely some restrictions that you need to be aware of before taking MS Contin. One rather important restriction is that it’s possible your Doctor will not prescribe this medication to you unless you have taken similar opioid pain medication at some point in the past. Not everybody’s body is tolerant to this drug, so a Doctor will often want to know if your body will tolerate it by looking at your past history and seeing whether or not it was a problem for you previously.

Another very important thing you should pay attention to about MS Contin is that it is a highly addictive substance and a very habit-forming narcotic. So if you have a history of drug abuse then it’s probably not the best option available to you and you should ask your Doctor for a much better recommendation. If you are taking this medication and you live with somebody who’s previously suffered from drug abuse, then it would be a good idea to keep this out of their general vicinity so that you do not tempt them in any way.

You need to avoid drinking alcohol while taking MS Contin because it could bring about some dangerous side effects. So definitely avoid alcohol because there are actually cases where MS Contin and alcohol were mixed and it has brought about death to the individual who was unlucky enough to mix these two powerful drugs together.

Avoid MS Contin When Suffering From These Conditions

You should also avoid MS Contin when suffering from specific medical conditions. Some of those conditions are:

• a history of mental illness
• struggling with alcohol addiction or drug addiction
• having a curvature of the spine
• having a problem with adrenal gland disorders or Addison’s disease
• struggling with an enlarged prostate or urination problems
• having to deal with gallbladder disease
• you should avoid MS Contin if you are struggling with low blood pressure
• you shouldn’t take MS Contin if you have sleep apnea, COPD, asthma or any other potential breathing problem
• stay away from this drug if you have kidney disease or liver problems
• stay away from MS Contin if you have an underactive thyroid

The Most Common Side Effects Of MS Contin

There are also some potential side effects that you could experience while taking MS Contin. Some of those side effects are slow heartbeat, shallow breathing, seizures, fainting, feeling lightheaded, headache, dizziness, vomiting, loss of appetite, tingling, redness under your skin, anxiety, insomnia, constipation, warmth, stomach pain, diarrhea, loss of appetite and memory problems.

So fill your Doctor in on any particular problems you may be experiencing after taking MS Contin. This drug may not agree with you so you might want to avoid it in the future, but the only way your doctor is going to find out is if you let him or her know.

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