Meth Side Effects

Meth Side Effects

If you don’t know already, Meth is a stimulant medication that most often gets prescribed to help treat people suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder which is otherwise known as ADHD. A lot of people will recover from ADHD on their own as they grow up, but some just don’t recover from that condition so they need to seek medical help and this medication is supposedly one of the best choices to help them out.

How Can Meth Affect A Person’s Brain?

The main thing that happens when you take meth is that it will boost the dopamine levels inside of your brain. If you don’t already know, dopamine is a chemical in your brain otherwise known as a neurotransmitter that controls the areas of attention, movement and pleasure.

What the stimulant meth does is it will steadily increase a person’s dopamine levels. It mimics the normal cycle that a person is supposed to feel, so it tries to make this process seem as natural as possible so that a person could function just like regular members of society not suffering from ADHD.

If you were to receive a prescription of meth from your doctor, your prescription will start out at a very low dosage and it will get gradually get raised if needed to figure out what the perfect dosage is for you or your child I guess in most cases. They’re looking for the ideal therapeutic effect so that your child can function properly and do so without becoming overly stimulated.

The thing about a stimulant like meth is it can really increase the dopamine levels in your brain really quickly and at a rapid pace if you abuse a drug like this. So it will likely increase the risk of a person becoming addicted to this drug because it will continuously produce a euphoric state as it over stimulates a person and gets them high.

How Do People Regularly Abuse Meth And Other Prescription Stimulants?

There are a lot of addicts out there who abuse stimulants like this because they believe it will enhance their performance in a lot of areas. And there are the other types of addicts who are hooked on meth that only abuse this drug for recreational purposes because they like the euphoric feeling and they have become addicted to it.

Then there are other people who use meth as a way to achieve weight loss. This can be doctor prescribed or individuals could also purchase these drugs illegally and abuse them as a way to suppress their appetite so that they can lose weight.

A lot of meth addicts will get high off of this drug by crushing it up and either injecting it directly into their veins or snorting it. It’s very unsafe to inject this drug because there are insoluble fillers within the tablets. So the fillers are not dissolving at all and then they can block your small blood vessels and cause serious complications.

How Can Meth Negatively Affect Your Health?

Meth and other stimulants can put your health at risk by raising your body temperature, causing you to lose sleep, increasing your heart rate, increasing your blood pressure, diminishing your appetite which often causes people to suffer from malnutrition. There are also negative mental side effects because abusing this drug will make you feel paranoid and hostile. And if you are a serious meth abuser then you put yourself at tremendous cardiovascular risk which could end up leading to a stroke and death.

I highly recommend you stay away from meth unless it’s prescribed to you by a doctor. This is a very serious drug and you put yourself at risk of becoming addicted to it if you don’t follow a doctor’s orders and you abuse it without the aid of a medical professional.

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