LSD Side Effects

LSD Side Effects

LSD also stands for lysergic acid diethylamide and it is a hallucinogenic drug that is normally extracted from either mushrooms or plants just like all of the other hallucinogenic drugs available for use or abuse. All hallucinogens, including LSD, contain nitrogen and they are looked upon and classified as alkaloids.
The one thing about LSD is that it is a very powerful mood changing drug. It was actually discovered in the year 1938 and it’s been used for all kinds of things ever since. So let’s take a much deeper look at LSD right now so we can learn more about this potent and powerful hallucinogenic drug.

How Is LSD Abused?

All hallucinogens will have a different effect on people. And LSD is also going to affect one personally very different than it might affect another. You can take LSD either in capsule form, liquid form or tablet form. And it’s probably sold more often as a tab than any other option.

The main thing about LSD is that you can never predict how it can affect a single person. It may affect you very powerfully in one way for one individual, and that it may affect another individual a completely different way and the experience could often be weak or practically feel like it’s nonexistent. You just never know what’s going to happen.

One of the main reasons why LSD is so unpredictable is that you never know how much of a dose you’re going to get on each tab of absorbent paper that you purchase. So you need to be very careful with this drug because the results can be completely unexpected and you might accidentally take more than you think you’re taking and that can definitely be a recipe for disaster.

When you trip on LSD it usually lasts about 12 hours. So if you’re having a bad trip then you just need to realize that you have to ride it out for a little while and then it will eventually wear off.

How Does LSD Affect Your Brain?

LSD basically disrupts the way your nerve cells interact inside your brain. It also screws up the way the neurotransmitter serotonin normally flows. So altering these two functions will basically alter the way that your brain works because it controls your perception, your behavior, your mood, the way your regulatory systems work and even your body temperature.

How Will LSD Make Me Feel?

When you are tripping on LSD you will often experience many different emotions all at the same time. This usually happens in rapid succession of one another, and you may seem like you are experiencing crazy mood swings. Some people often hallucinate as well when they are tripping on LSD. So you may see visual hallucinations or even delusions, and it’s not uncommon for people to also have auditory hallucinations too.

Your sense of self will be completely changed while you are on LSD. You also will not experience time the way you normally do. If you experience what is known as a bad trip then the LSD will have you going through some very severe emotions that are often very terrifying to the person experiencing them. When this happens you will go through a lot of despair and you’ll feel like you are going out of control or going insane. Some people often think they are about to die when they are on LSD as well, and it’s extremely scary for the person having the bad trip.

Some Side Effects From LSD

The LSD side effects are dilated pupils, a rise in body temperature, an increase in blood pressure, increasing your heart rate, not being hungry or losing your appetite, tremors, sleeplessness and dry mouth.
That’s all for now about LSD. Thanks for reading.

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