Lexapr Side Effects

Lexapr Side Effects

Lexapro is a prescription drug that your Doctor can easily prescribe to you if you have a need for it. Once you get the prescription you could then take it to a pharmacy and get it filled. There is a generic name for this drug and that is called escitalopram. And the only brand name for this drug right now is Lexapro itself.

What Is Lexapro?

Lexapro is the kind of drug that is an antidepressant. It falls under the family of drug types called SSRIs or otherwise known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. This particular type of medicine helps the brain balance out the chemicals so that you do not feel the negative effects of depression or anxiety so greatly. It’s a very effective drug and you should speak to your Doctor about it if you think you could use some help in this particular area.

The drug Lexapro is given to individuals who are suffering from a major form of depressive disorder or a large form of anxiety. This drug is only for adolescents or adults and they will not prescribe it to you unless you are at least 12 years old or older. There may be some special cases but you need to speak to your Doctor about that and you shouldn’t just take this drug on your own without any kind of prescription.

What You Need To Know About Lexapro

There are some very specific MAO Inhibitors that do not mix very well with Lexapro so you need to avoid these MAOIs inhibitors for at least 14 days before you begin taking any Lexapro medicine. The specific name of the MAOIs are Marplan, Emsam, Parnate, Eldepryl, Nardil and Azilect. The side effects for the combination of these drugs are very serious so you really need to take my advice and avoid them and definitely do not mix that at all because you could really harm yourself.

There will be occasions where some people take Lexapro, which is an antidepressant, and immediately feel like they are becoming more suicidal. This happens a lot in individuals who are 24 years old or younger. So make sure you keep in regular contact with your Doctor if you are feeling suicidal from this medication because it may turn out that it’s not the best option for you so you definitely want to monitor yourself and monitor the way you’re reacting to this drug.

Avoid Lexapro When Suffering From These Conditions

There are certain conditions of a physical nature that just don’t mix well with Lexapro either. So you need to be made aware of these issues also, and I’m going to share with you some of the conflicts that don’t mix well. So let’s take a look at these issues right now:

• you shouldn’t take Lexapro if you have a history of drug abuse or alcohol abuse
• you should avoid Lexapro if you are struggling with epilepsy or some form of a seizure disorder
• you should not take this medicine if you are taking any MAO inhibitors such as Eldepryl, Emsam, Nardil, Azilect, Parnate and Marplan
• do not take Lexapro if you have liver or kidney disease
• avoid taking Lexapro if you have manic depression or bipolar disorder

The Most Common Side Effects Of Lexapro

You’ll also come to learn that there are certain side effects that you may or may not experience when taking Lexapro. Some of those side effects are panic attacks, being agitated, hostility, aggressiveness, difficulty sleeping, being impulsive, feeling irritable, vomiting, loss of appetite, loss of coordination, nausea, seizures, fainting, dizziness, drowsiness, heartburn, constipation, shallow breathing, weakness and overactive reflexes.

Let your Doctor know about any of the symptoms you might be experiencing. If they are too drastic then you may need to make some changes in your dosage or you might even want to switch to a different medication.

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