Lantus Side Effects

Lantus Side Effects

Lantus is a prescription medication that you can get from your Doctor if you suffer from the symptoms that it will help. Once your doctor gives you the prescription you will then take it down to your local pharmacy and have the staff members there fill it for you. The generic name for this medication is insulin glargine. The brand names for this drug are Lantus, Lantus OptiClik Cartridge and Lantus Solostar Pen.

What Is Lantus?

Lantus is actually a synthetic form of a very particular type of hormone that is made in your body. It’s actually there to help your body lower its levels of glucose, which is also known as sugar, in your bloodstream. The good thing about Lantus is that it is actually a very long-lasting form of insulin, and it’s quite different from some of the other forms of insulin that actually aren’t man-made. You could actually use this particular drug to treat both type I or type II diabetes, and it’s very effective in both areas.

What You Need To Know About Lantus

The thing that you definitely need to realize about Lantus is that it’s not an instant fix for insulin problems. It is part of a larger program that includes controlling your weight, controlling your blood sugar, eating right, exercising, taking care of your eyesight, taking care of your feet and taking care of your dental work as well. It’s very important that you stick to your regiment because any alterations could actually change the levels of your blood sugar and throw all of your hard work out of whack. So you really don’t want to do that because you will negate all of the positive effects that you’ve created through this medication, exercising and health program that you are following.

You actually have to be careful when you’re on this treatment program because there is a possibility that your blood sugar levels might get too low. So you need to make sure that you don’t exercise too long, you don’t accidentally skip a meal, you try keep your stress under control and it’s also important that you definitely avoid alcohol.

Avoid Lantus When Suffering From These Conditions

You also want to avoid taking Lantus if you are suffering from some very specific physical ailments. So make it a point to speak with your Doctor about any physical ailments you might have that could conflict with this medication. Some of those problems are:

• you should not take Lantus if you are dealing with an allergic reaction to insulin glargine
• it’s important to stay away from this drug if you are having problems with kidney disease
• you really don’t want to take this medication if you are struggling with liver disease
• you aren’t supposed to take this medication if you are currently abusing alcohol because it loses its effectiveness
• it might not be wise to take Lantus if you are not properly following the diet that you are supposed to use when taking this medication
• it may be important for you to keep up with your exercises when you are taking Lantus

The Most Common Side Effects Of Lantus

There are also some common side effects that you might experience while taking Lantus. Some of those side effects are itching skin, trouble breathing, fast heart rate, feeling like you might pass out, sweating, headache, hunger, weakness, tremors, difficulty concentrating, breathing rapidly, fainting and seizures

So if you feel like you are experiencing any of these side effects then you need to make it a point to tell your Doctor about this while taking Lantus. They may choose to have you take a different form of medication if they don’t believe this is working properly for you, or they just may need to adjust your levels so that it works really well and keeps you healthy.

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