Keppra Side Effects

Keppra Side Effects

Keppra is a prescription drug that you can get from your doctor when he prescribes it to you and fills out a prescription form. You will then take that prescription to your local pharmacy and have it filled by your pharmacist. The generic name of this drug is levetiracetam. The brand names for this particular type of drug are Keppra and Keppra XR.

What Is Keppra?

Keppra is the kind of drug that is considered an antiepileptic drug. This drug is actually being used to help treat partial onset seizures in adults, and is also used to treat it in children as well if they are at least four years of age or older. Or it’s also used in a different way to treat another kind of seizure called tonic clonic seizures in adults and children, but the children need to be at least six years old. It’s also good for treating myoclonic seizures. The children must be at least 12 years old or older if they are going to be able to try this drug to help alleviate their symptoms.

What You Need To Know About Keppra

It’s important that you continue taking your prescription of Keppra until you have the opportunity to talk to your doctor. Some people want to stop taking this medication after they feel better, but you might accidentally increase your seizures by stopping the medication cold turkey. And if you do stop even under your doctor’s supervision you need to let this individual know if your seizures are getting worse. There are people who often have suicidal thoughts when taking Keppra as well. So make sure you regularly visit with your doctor and make it a point to keep all of your appointments.

You also need to fill your Doctor and on any symptoms that might be getting worse while you are taking Keppra. So you definitely want to let your doctor know if you are feeling depressed, anxious, agitated, restless or even hyperactive. You could also carry an ID card with you to let people know that you are taking Keppra in case you ever do have a seizure because the medical professionals helping you are going to want to know what medicines you take as they are helping take care of you.

Avoid Keppra When Suffering From These Conditions

There are also going to be physical conditions that will not particularly mix well with you taking Keppra. So you need to discuss any of these potential conditions you might have with your Doctor. Some of those conditions are:

• you need to let your Doctor know if you are allergic to levetiracetam
• it’s important that you fill your Doctor in on any information about any drugs that you might be allergic to
• you need to tell your doctor if you are suffering from kidney disease when you are taking Keppra
• you have to let your Doctor whether or not you are very depressed before taking Keppra
• you should fill your Doctor in on whether or not you are suicidal prior to taking this medication

The Most Common Side Effects Of Keppra

There are also some very common side effects that you may or may not experience when taking Keppra. The side effects are hives, trouble breathing, feeling restless, feeling agitated, feeling suicidal, hallucinating, fever, body aches, chills, flu symptoms, lack of coordination, worsening seizures, stomach pain, loss of appetite, dark urine, clay colored stools, jaundice, itching, nausea, spinning sensation, dizziness, feeling irritable, sore throat, neck pain, headache, drowsiness and runny nose.

Make it a point to fill your Doctor in on any possible side effects that you might be experiencing when taking Keppra. He or she needs to know this immediately so they can figure out if they have to regulate your dosage or possibly even take you off of Keppra altogether if it doesn’t agree with you.

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