Heroin Side Effects

Heroin Side Effects

Heroin is a drug that comes from the opiate family. It is actually synthesized from morphine which is a natural substance that you get from a poppy seed. This is an Asian plant, and when heroin is synthesized it will either come in the form of a white powder, a brown powder or a sticky black substance. The sticky black substance is also known as black tar heroin.

How Do People Abuse Heroin?

When individuals abuse heroin, they are capable of doing so in a couple of different ways. One of the main ways that heroin is abused is by being injected. A heroin addict can also snort or sniff heroin if they choose. And last but not least, they can smoke heroin has another option to get high.

The fastest way to get high when abusing heroin is to inject it directly into your bloodstream. Snorting it is also very effective because it gets into your bloodstream directly through your nasal tissues. And it gets into your bloodstream through your lungs when you are smoking it.

It really doesn’t matter what way you choose to abuse this drug, because all of these methods will eventually lead to addiction if you continue to use this drug long enough. It also has the potential to lead to other health problems so you definitely need to be careful when messing around with this substance.

Can You Tell Me How Heroin Affects The Brain?

When the heroine enters into your brain it is actually converted into morphine during this process. Once it is inside your brain it binds to your opioid receptors which are located all throughout your brain and body. These receptors are a big part of how we experience pleasure and pain and the perception of those two feelings.

Your brainstem also contains opioid receptors which is the area of your body that is basically responsible for keeping you alive. All of the automatic by processes are run out of your brainstem including such processes as breathing and the beating of your heart. This is also the area of the body that is responsible for your arousal. When a person overdoses from heroin it’s usually because their respiratory system was suppressed.

What Sensations Does A Person Feel While Using Heroin?

After using heroin, the individual taking it will immediately feel a rush of euphoria. They will also experience a heaviness of the extremities, dry mouth and their skin will become flushed. But not only that, the mental functioning of a person on heroin will obviously become clouded as well. Once that initial state of euphoria passes, the individual using heroin will begin nodding out which is basically a state of extreme drowsiness combined with wakefulness.

If a person regularly uses heroin they will develop a tolerance for this substance both physiologically and psychologically. So an addict needs to continuously increase their dosage in order to receive the same effects in intensity that they originally experienced when they first started using the drug. This is obviously what makes heroin addiction such a high risk recreational drug. It’s believe that 23% of the people who try heroin will eventually become dependent on it which goes to show you just how powerful it really is.

What Negative Effects Does Heroin Pose To One’s Health?

There are many potential health risks to abusing heroin. The obvious one is suffering a fatal overdose from the drug. The other big one that is easy to recognize is catching HIV or AIDS by sharing needles.

Some of the other lesser known issues are suffering a collapsed vein or veins, suffering from a heart lining infection, kidney disease, liver disease, abscesses, pulmonary issues, injecting toxic contaminants into your body, clogged blood vessels and permanent damage to your vital organs such as your brain, lungs, kidneys and liver.

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