Cocaine Side Effects

Cocaine Side Effects

Cocaine is a stimulant type of a drug that is extremely addictive. When cocaine is in the form of powdered hydrochloride salt you can snort it to get high or shoot it by dissolving it in water and then injecting it into your bloodstream directly. Another form of cocaine is crack cocaine which is a way to smoke it in a rock crystal form. When you heat up the rock it gives off vapors that you inhale. The reason they call it crack is because when you heat it up it produces a crackling sound, which is how the name crack was born.

How Can A Person Abuse Cocaine?

There are quite a few ways to abuse cocaine. I already mentioned the three main ways that this drug gets abused. It gets smoked in the form of crack cocaine, it gets snorted in the form of powdered hydrochloride salt and it also gets injected when you dissolve that powdered hydrochloride salt into water.

You can abuse cocaine any way and as long as you use the substance enough you leave yourself at risk to become addicted to it. There are a lot of other serious health risks that you leave yourself open to when you abuse this drug long enough. If you choose to inject cocaine and then you share those needles you run the risk of becoming infected by HIV or AIDS. You could also catch other infectious diseases as well.

Cocaine Will Affect Your Brain In What Way?

This is a very important question because it explains how the affect of this drug takes place on your body and your brain. Basically what cocaine does is it stimulates your central nervous system and raises the levels of dopamine which is a chemical that stimulates pleasure in your brain. When you use cocaine you are basically telling your body to store massive amounts of dopamine so that you stimulate a tremendous surge of it once you have cocaine enter into your bloodstream in one of its many forms.

So the stimulation of dopamine and excessive burst of it is basically what provides the euphoric effect that you will experience from using cocaine. The problem with long-term use of this drug is that it completely changes the way the reward system in your brain works, which is why a person who uses this drug for a long time will become addicted to it.

Another side effect of long-term cocaine abuse is that you will build up a large tolerance to it. So you will not achieve nearly as much pleasure from this drug as you used to when you hadn’t been abusing it for a long stretch of time. So you increase your dose more and more as time goes by in an effort to get as high as you once could. Which is how an addiction forms and why it’s often so hard to kick this habit.

How Will Cocaine Negatively Affect Someone’s Health?

There are a lot of potential problems that can arise from abusing cocaine. One of the main things it does is it increases your heart rate, it increases your blood pressure, increases the temperature of your body, the constriction of blood vessels and it also dilates your pupils. A lot of people who abuse cocaine will often experience gastrointestinal complications such as nausea and pain in their abdominal region, and it’s not uncommon for a cocaine abuser to experience headaches as well.

Some of the other side effects of cocaine are a decrease in appetite, nosebleeds, difficulty swallowing, a runny nose that never goes away, hoarseness and losing your sense of smell.

Some of the more minor side effects that individuals who only binge on cocaine might experience are restlessness, anxiety, being paranoid and being irritable. Some people even experience auditory hallucinations and they begin to lose a true sense of reality.

Severe cocaine abusers could also experience cerebrovascular or cardiovascular emergencies like a stroke or heart attack. Those are obviously potential ways you might have a sudden death.

That’s everything I’d like to share with you about cocaine. Please pay close attention to this information and make sure you understand the risks of abusing a drug like this.

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