Chantix Side Effects

Chantix Side Effects

Chantix is a prescription medication that you can get prescribed to you by your Doctor or other mental health professional qualified to do so. You will then have this prescription filled at a pharmacy so that you can begin taking this medication in order to help you get over your problem. The generic name for this particular drug is varenicline and the only brand name for this particular drug at the moment is Chantix.

What Is Chantix?

Chantix is a very powerful medication that is good at helping individuals quit smoking since it is a smoking cessation medicine. You do not just use this drug alone because you’ll also have to undergo behavioral modification and a lot of people also seek out the help of counseling or a support group when they first do decide to quit smoking. Chantix is actually a drug that affects your brain because it blocks the effects inside of your mind that make you think smoking is pleasurable to you. So this obviously is good because it will decrease the desire you have to continue to keep smoking.

What You Need To Know About Chantix

It’s actually important that you speak to your Doctor and let him or her know if you are struggling with things like circulation problems, kidney disease, mental illness, depression or heart disease prior to ever taking Chantix. There are actually two different ways you’ll be able to use Chantix as well.

So you should speak to your Doctor about which method he or she thinks will work best for you and follow that method. The main thing you definitely need to do to give yourself the best chance at quitting smoking is to set yourself up a quit date and actually stick to it. So definitely keep that in mind when you first do decide to quit smoking using Chantix and some of the other therapies available to you.

You might not even realize this, but when you finally do quit smoking you’re probably going to have to adjust the dosages of some of the other medicines you take. Insulin is definitely going to be one of them if you are a diabetic, and blood thinners and asthma medication will also need to be adjusted as well. So definitely speak with your Doctor about this and make sure that you get your dosages right so that you stay healthy and in good shape.

Avoid Chantix When Suffering From These Conditions

There are certain physical conditions that do not mix well with Chantix. So speak to your Doctor about some of these issues right away. The physical conditions I am speaking about are:

• you might not want to use Chantix if you are suffering from circulation problems
• it may not agree with you to use Chantix if you are dealing with heart disease
• you may want to avoid using Chantix if you have a history of mental illness or depression
• it might not make sense for you to use Chantix if you are currently on dialysis
• it’s probably a good idea to stay away from this medication if you are struggling with kidney disease

The Most Common Side Effects Of Chantix

There are also some common side effects that may take place while you are using Chantix. Some of those side effects are panic attacks, anxiety, confusion, changes of behavior, extreme fear, feeling aggressive, feeling hostile, feeling restless, feeling hyperactive, thoughts of suicide, depression, hallucinations, chest pain, headache, sore throat, bruising easily, unusual bleeding, numbness or weakness, feeling lightheaded, shortness of breath, sweating, generally feeling ill, insomnia, strange dreams, stomach pain, gas, indigestion, constipation, nausea and feeling tired.

Definitely speak with your Doctor if you’re struggling with any of these side effects. Some of them can be very severe and you may need to stop taking Chantix altogether if it is causing some serious problems for you. So make sure you talk to your Doctor about any strange things that are happening to you while taking Chantix.

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