Benicar Side Effects

Benicar Side Effects

Benicar is a form of a prescription medication that you can only get prescribed to you directly by your Doctor. Once your Doctor provides you with this prescription you could then take that into your favorite pharmacy and have them fill it for you. The generic name for Benicar is olmesartan. And the only actual brand name for this particular drug is Benicar.

What Is Benicar?

So what exactly is Benicar you ask? Benicar is part of the family of drugs known as angiotensin II receptor antagonists. This drug is very important because it will keep your blood vessels from narrowing, and that is good because it will help improve your blood flow and also lower your blood pressure. This drug is perfect for those suffering from high blood pressure and hypertension because it is perfect for treating it. Adults can use this drug freely and any children between the ages of six and older can also give Benicar a try if they need it. Sometimes you will also be prescribed Benicar with other high blood pressure medications.

What You Need To Know About Benicar

It’s really not good for you to use Benicar if you are pregnant or you plan on becoming pregnant. So you definitely need to let your Doctor know right away if you happen to become pregnant while you are taking this drug. They could actually cause some very serious illnesses to your unborn child, and they could actually even unfortunately terminate your unborn child’s life. So you especially want to avoid taking this drug in the second and third trimester of pregnancy because it actually is fatal.

It’s also important for you to not use Benicar if you are allergic to it. And you cannot drink alcohol with this drug because it will further lower your blood pressure to dangerously low levels which could also become very fatal. You should not take any potassium supplements while taking this drug and you should also avoid taking any salt substitutes unless you have the express permission from your Doctor. You also need to check your blood pressure when taking Benicar and you have to actually visit with your Doctor regularly so he or she can determine if everything is working smoothly and according to plan.

Avoid Benicar When Suffering From These Conditions

There are certain physical conditions that just do not mix very well with Benicar. So you need to speak to your Doctor about some of these potential problems that you may have. So let your Doctor know about:

• find out if you need to avoid Benicar if you are allergic to this particular type of medication
• you should probably steer clear of Benicar if you have kidney disease
• this is not a very good drug that mixes well with a problem like liver disease
• you shouldn’t take this drug if you are or happen to be dehydrated
• you should not take Benicar if you have congestive heart failure

The Most Common Side Effects Of Benicar

There are also some very common side effects that may occur if you take Benicar. Some of those side effects are swelling of your throat, swelling of your lips, swelling of your tongue, swelling of your face, difficulty breathing, hives, feeling like you’re about to pass out, urinating less than you normally do, fast heartbeat, swelling in your hands and feet, dizziness, muscle pain, joint pain, back pain, diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain, skin rash and weakness.

So definitely let your Doctor know if you are experiencing some of the side effects of Benicar. He or she may be able to help you out by eliminating the side effects or possibly changing your dosage or maybe even taking you off this particular drug altogether. It just might not be the right drug for you and there could be other options that are better.

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