Alcohol Side Effects

Alcohol Side Effects

In this article we are going to talk about alcohol and what it is and what potential dangers it presents to those individuals who become addicted to it.

The main thing you need to know about alcohol as far as the creation process goes is that it’s a chemical known as ethanol which is what you would find in liquor, beer and wine. This is the agent that will get you intoxicated. The way it’s produced is by fermenting a combination of starches, yeast and sugars. There are all different types of plants and grains that go into the production of alcohol in its many forms. You will use grapes for wine, barley and wheat for beer, cactus or sugarcane for liquor.

In 1984 a law was passed called The Federal Uniform Drinking Age Act which raised the age of drinking to 21 years old. During the year 1988, the last holdout of the drinking age reformation changed and all 50 states would now serve alcohol to individuals 21 years or older instead of 18 years or older.

The sad truth is that young people use alcohol more than illegal drugs or tobacco. So the plan kind of backfired because it made alcohol more appealing to the younger generation since they are being forced to stay away from it. Kind of like how prohibition drove more people drink once people realized they weren’t allowed to drink any longer. It actually made the drinking problem worse instead of better and it created a whole world of illegal bootlegging and other organized crime.

Misusing alcohol can cause a lot of negative problems for a person. For starters, you can really give yourself some major liver problems such as liver disease. You can bring about serious cardiovascular disease issues which are devastating. You can get cancer from drinking alcohol in excess and you can even damage your nervous system to a serious degree. Alcohol is also a depressant so it regularly brings about depression, anxiety and also antisocial personality disorder. So there are a lot of negative side effects to drinking alcohol even though it’s basically a legal drug.

The other thing about alcohol is the behavioral changes it will bring about in a person. It would really screw up your judgment as well as your coordination, even if you drink it in low doses. But it also has some positive effects in small doses because it will help a person relax and feel more tranquil. It will also help a person suppress their anxiety in small doses. But if you’re an alcoholic you cannot drink alcohol in small doses because your body just craves it too much and you have to drink it in excess.

Just because you’ll feel a euphoric feeling from alcohol initially doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. The withdrawal symptoms of alcohol can actually threaten your life because they are that brutal. People often go into seizures if they were drinking alcohol for many years consecutively. A lot of people have hallucinations, they get the DTs which are also known as delirium tremens and they could experience high amounts of anxiety, depression and even convulsions from this legal drug.

So you definitely want to make it a point to stay away from alcohol if you are considered an alcoholic. If you feel like you have a constant craving for alcohol or a physical dependence to this substance then that’s a very good sign that you are an alcoholic. I want to warn you that you need to be careful with alcohol because alcoholism could creep up on you at any time and it’s very tough to beat so you need to seriously stay on your guard with this addiction.

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