Aciphex Side Effects

Aciphex Side Effects

Aciphex is a drug that you need to get from your Doctor by having him or her fill out a prescription. Once you have this prescription you will be able to go to a pharmacy and have your prescription filled. The generic name for this particular type of drug is rabeprazole, and there’s only one brand name for this particular drug and that is what we’ve been calling it so far which is Aciphex.

What Is Aciphex?

Aciphex is a member of the family of drugs known as proton pump inhibitors. This drug is specifically used to decrease exactly how much acid is being produced inside of your stomach. So if you are suffering from Gerd, which is also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease, then you would definitely want to have Aciphex in your corner helping you out. Another area where this medication is capable of helping out is with Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. This drug is excellent because it will help you really heal your esophagus and all of the erosive treatment it has undergone due to the stomach acid that has been damaging it for so long.

Aciphex is also often prescribed and given to a patient with antibiotics because it’s capable of helping prevent gastric ulcers. These gastric ulcers have a tendency of appearing due to an infection that usually comes about by Helicobacter pylori, or also known as H. pylori. But you will not be able to get anything out of this drug if you are looking for immediate relief of heartburn symptoms because this is not the right drug for the job.

What You Need To Know About Aciphex

It is not a good idea to use Aciphex if you learn that you are allergic to rabeprazole or any other drugs that are very similar in nature. Some of the similar drugs you might need to stay away from our Protonix, Nexium, Zegerid, Prilosec and Prevacid.

It is important that you immediately seek medical help if you suddenly begin experiencing chest pains or a heavy feeling in your arm or shoulder area. You should also seek medical assistance if you are experiencing nausea, sweating or just generally feeling like you are ill because you might be suffering some adverse side effects from Aciphex.

Avoid Aciphex When Suffering From These Conditions

You may not want to take this drug if you are experiencing some particular physical conditions that do not go well with Aciphex. Some of those particular physical conditions are:

• being allergic to rabeprazole and the other drugs that are very similar in nature that were previously mentioned in the article above
• you need to let your Doctor know if you are struggling with liver disease before taking Aciphex
• it’s important that your Doctor knows if you are experiencing low levels of magnesium in your blood
• you need to let your Doctor know prior to taking Aciphex whether or not you have osteoporosis or osteopenia

The Most Common Side Effects Of Aciphex

There’s a possibility that you may experience some of the common side effects that people experience when taking Aciphex. Those side effects are hives, trouble breathing, jerky muscle movements, muscle weakness, coughing, choking feeling, seizures, feeling jittery, uneven heart rate, diarrhea, upset stomach, insomnia, itching, rash, nervousness, headache, dizziness and confusion.

So make it a point to let your Doctor know if you are experiencing any of these unwanted side effects that Aciphex could bring. You may need to change the prescription or possibly lower your dosage. But your Doctor will discuss this with you and you’ll figure it all out together.

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