Accutane Side Effects

Accutane Side Effects

Accutane is a prescription medication that you can get from your Doctor once he or she gives you the prescription. Once that is done you will then take that prescription to your local pharmacy and have it filled by one of the staff members there. The generic name of this particular drug is isotretinoin and the brand names for this medication are Accutane, Amnesteem, Claravis and Sotret.

What Is Accutane?

What you might not know about Accutane is it’s actually just a form of vitamin A. It’s particularly good at stopping your oil glands from releasing so much oil onto your skin, and it’s also pretty good at helping your skin regenerate itself at a faster rate. So if you are suffering from a form of acne known as severe nodular acne then Accutane will be a very good option available to you. More often than not you will have to take this medication with other acne medicines and there is even a possibility that you might have to take it with antibiotics in order to treat all of the symptoms you are experiencing.

What You Need To Know About Accutane

It’s very important that you do not take Accutane if you are pregnant. And if you happen to get pregnant while you are taking Accutane then you need to immediately stop taking this medication and call your doctor right away. Accutane can actually cause very severe birth defects, so it’s extremely unhealthy for an unborn child.

It’s actually mandated that every woman who has the potential to bear a child must agree to use two forms of birth control, and they also have to agree to have regular pregnancy tests before using Accutane, while they are using Accutane and after they take Accutane. So the birth defects thing is obviously very serious, since they wouldn’t go to such great lengths to make sure that nobody is pregnant while taking this drug.

You are also not supposed to take any supplements that contain vitamin A while you are taking Accutane because you’re already getting enough from this substance. You are not even allowed to donate any blood for 30 days after you have already stopped taking Accutane.

Avoid Accutane When Suffering From These Conditions

There are some very specific physical conditions that do not mix well with Accutane. So you need to speak with your Doctor if you are struggling with certain physical conditions that just doesn’t mix well with this medication. Some of those physical conditions are:

• you can only get the prescription medication Accutane if you are eligible for a specific program called iPLEDGE
• you should not take this medication if you have a history of mental illness or depression in your family or on a personal level
• it’s not a good idea to take Accutane if you have high cholesterol, high triglycerides or heart disease
• you should not take this medication if you have Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease, intestinal disorder or ulcerative colitis
• you should never take this medication if you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant
• it’s not a good idea to take Accutane if you are struggling with an eating disorder
• it’s not a good idea to take this medicine if you have liver disease

The Most Common Side Effects Of Accutane

There are also some common side effects that you may or may not experience when you take Accutane. Some of those side effects are difficulty breathing, hives, being depressed, difficulty concentrating, trouble sleeping, agitation or aggression, hallucinations, suicidal tendencies, blurred vision, severe headache, vomiting, nausea, stomach pain, hearing problems, seizures, ringing in your ears, loss of appetite, jaundice, dark urine, rectal bleeding, bloody stools, black stools, severe diarrhea, fever, chills, flu symptoms, easy bruising, severe blistering, red skin rash, joint stiffness, back pain, feeling dizzy, nervousness, cracking skin, drowsiness and rashes.

It’s important that you let your Doctor know if you are experiencing any of these side effects while taking Accutane. He or she may be able to lessen the symptoms that you are experiencing, or your doctor may need to stop you from taking this medication altogether and put you on a different medication for this particular problem. But the only way your Doctor will know is if you fill them in on any problems you might have, so you definitely have to make sure you do that.

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